Monday, December 16, 2013


Finally My time at Pt England has ended I’ve been here for 8 years. When I started school I was shy i don’t know but that's what my mum said. My first teacher was mrs george. My first year wasn't successfully because I was shy I wasn't talking and not participating in subjects.

Now that I'm going it’s going to be emotional and cool cause I'm going to college. Being at Pt England I had a good time. THANK YOU

Monday, December 2, 2013

Heremaia swimming recount

gif maker For me swimming wasn't a success because my injury i had before the school holidays. But I would have like to swim can't wait to recover for collage next Year.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Heremaia mihimihi

Kia ora tatou kua hui mai nei ki tenei wahi  ki te kawe mai the  te aroha. Ka nui te hari mo to koutou kaha ki te aro mai ki te awhina i nga korero e pa ana ki tenei hui.

Greetings to
Kia ora

us all

who have

gathered here
hui mai nei


this place
tenei wahi


te kawe mai


the love
te aroha.

Great is
Ka nui

the joy
te hari


your support
to koutou kaha

ki te

aro mai

ki te

support / help


nga korero

e pa ana ki

this gathering
tenei hui.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Heremaia movie reflction

We made a movie about love and asking questions to little kids. The negative thing in our movie is the camera angles. Our only angle we had was the mid shot with two or one. Our other negative thing was that we had the microphone off while we were recording and had to cut about 5 films. The actors could have improved there acting to.

Friday, August 2, 2013

heremaia Line graphs

this is the line graph of the value of Sarah's car each year.

the is the line graph of Sam's weight each months

the value of this ling graph is heated liquid on the left hand side is temp and the bottom is the time.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Heremaia Story board

Establishing Shot - 3 seconds
Wide - long shot
Once there lived 3 hobbits.
Fa: Shayne
Tee: Studz
Foi: Heremaia


close up - 3 secondes
of them separating
Too old to live with mum so they go their separate ways.
Studz goes left, Heremaia goes straight and Shayne goes right.
wide shot - 2 seconds of all three separating
Too old to live with mum so they go their separate ways.
Studz goes left, Heremaia goes straight and Shayne goes right.
Long Shot - 3 seconds of the oldest hobbit going to Pak n save
They have never left the cottage ever

Title In the bushes

Close Up - 2 seconds of Going into bush

Above shot - 2 seconds of trying to trap animals.
the twisted tail

Monday, July 8, 2013

Heremaia Prospective student

Struggling up a vertical mountain the boy slipped and left dangling with one arm. Gripping on the ledge he pulled himself up and continued climbing up the rocky mountain feeling exhausted. The boy was determined to reach his destination.

Arriving at the dojo gates he was nervous hoping to be accepted for the MMA. Anxiously knocking on the door the boy heard a squeak as the door open. As the sansei approached the door the boy bowed with fear.

The good looking sansei came out and pointed to the side and shut the door. Sitting down Matt meditated for all night and day. Feeling hopeful the boy did not know that the sensei came back in the morning. Again the sensei pointed to the side of the dojo and shut the door. The boy felt angry and kick the door down and demanded a fight. Then the sensei pointed to the side and then the student saw the sign and felt embraced.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Heremaia & Brent Jack & the zombie giants

Jack And The Zombie Giants
Story by Heremaia & Brent

Once upon a time there lived a strapping young man named Jack who excelled in many things but one.  He couldn’t control his fears.  From spiders to bumps in the night, he was a scaredy cat.  He lived with his mother and father on a little farm with horses and other farm animals. The farm was located beside a calm flowing stream.

One wet day his father Sam sent him to go to the market and sell a horse from the farm.  Jack couldn't bear this as the horse was an old friend . He felt  miserable as he walked to the market.

While at the market the guards rounded up all the people including the strapping young farmer. A man hidden under rags made a good deal. He gave his special seeds to Jack and  he told him “They can be useful in some time”. Walking back home he was thinking about the beans .

Jack got home and his the father said, “Well what did we get ? “ Jack  whispered with fear, “these beans, my father” he put his hands out “This is not worth it” he yelled. His father was furious with him.

He threw the beans out the window. The day after it started to rain and the beans started growing into  a beanstalk. The beanstalk grew bigger and bigger until it  reached the sky.The next day  Jack went out and saw a massive beanstalk. He thought to himself, “How did this happen?”

The young man wanted to discover what was at the end of this gigantic beanstalk . He gathered up some men. All these men were all guards of the king. Jack asked his father, “Will you forgive me?” father said “I forgive you son.” Jack  walked up to all the guards, brave men who had left the city two days ago and said,  “Gather up all the weapons and follow me up the beanstalk ”

Tying themselves with a long rope the men began to climb up the mystery beanstalk. The old fragile vines crunched and broke. “HE. HE. HE.” they all chanted together as they climbed. Suddenly one man slipped hanging on with all his strength with only one arm. That one slip caused a chain reaction, one after another, these brave men started falling.  “Cut the line!” the farmer shouted.

“Noooo!” crying with fear the men shouted,  “Don’t  do it. ” and SNAP! the rope broke. All the king’s worthy men fell. After a treacherous  200ft fall for those dead men lay scattered over the ground. Jack, the only man left,   continued until he finally reached the top of this rotten beanstalk.

Relieved to reach the top he was determined to discover what stays in this paradise. Jack walked around and his eyes popped open.  He saw something scary, a humongous house,covered in cobwebs . While walking to this mysterious  house he heard moans and bushes crackling.

He was scared but was keen to discover what it was, The moaning stopped he went over to this mystery “Ahhhhhhhhhhh” he yelled with fear. The flesh of this 20,0000 kg monster dripped out of a dead zombie giant’s mouth. “What shall I do?” thought Jack.

Meanwhile on the bottom of the beanstalk the villagers were furious the enormous beanstalk was blocking the sunlight. They started to cut it down. “It was over. My son is lost.” Sam thought sadly.

The moaning was back. Jack looked up. Right in front of him was another 100ft giant. “This is a nightmare,” he thought as he ran away with fear. With luck Jack just got away. He just realised that this was the zombies apocalypse. Running back to the beanstalk, with fear, Jack saw, right in front of his eyes, the enormous beanstalk falling.

“I am gonna have to make a big run to make out alive,” Jack thought. He was surrounded by a lot of giants, he ran in every directions, the giant’s were chasing him.  He is curious about what was going to happen. Without realising he found himself stuck in the corner.

“I'm not going to make” he said. He turned around. “This is it,” he said. “ It is over for me.” Surrounded by zombie giants he tried to run but there was nowhere to go

But he was not going down without a fight. He ripped of his clothes and got ready to fight. Next minute he was grabbed and bitten.  He turned into a zombie giant, and he never ever went home again.

Created Brent & Heremaia

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Heremaia cubiod

Hi This is my volume of my net 2.5+22.5 so the volume of my net is 24.10

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Heremaia 200 word narrtive

strolling up to the doors of the maxi burger and sitting down for a drink, Robby saw the the big mac double sided burger out the side of his big eye. While dribbling he found that he only had 5 dollars, it wasn't enough, so he ran into the toilets and waited and waited.

Once the maxi burger had closed, Robby went to go steal the big mac double sided burger, but what he did not know was that the grill was out of order.searching and searching for the big mac double sided burger, I found it

“Succulent, Juicy” burger Robby said as he took one big bite and another and another. He ate the whole burger, going back home, he had just discovered that the big mac double sided burger was RAW!!!! He went to the toilet and felt sick he was dizzy and he had thrown up. A few days later once feeling much, Robby  went back to the maxi burger they all knew he liked the big mac double sided burger. So they made with fresh ingredient. He arrived and they surprised him and handed  the big mac double sided burger over to him THE END.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Heremaia diabetes research

  • What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is What? Diabetes is a very common disease from being overweight and eating too many bad food and lack of insulin. diabetes is diagnosed by having too much sugar in your body.

  • What are the main similarities between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?
The main similarities between type 1 and type 2 diabetes are insulin is sluggish,and they both need carbethoxy which is bread and pasta and other healthy foods.In type 1 diabetes the body produces NO insulin. In type 2 diabetes, the body either doesn't produce enough insulin or the body doesn't use the insulin it produces properly.

  • What are the main differences between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?

Between type 1 and type 2 what are the main differences? type 1 would be able to cure with a few insulin. Type 2 is a progressive disease.

  • How do diabetics manage their illness?

Diabetics manage their illness by getting many insulin injections. by running and exercise. then cutting down on the fatty food. you should be exercising at least for 30 min to 4-3 weeks.

  • What are the risk factors for developing Type 2 Diabetes?

The risk factors for developing type 2 Diabetes. It is caused by lack of exercise and being overweight and smoking.

  • What are the main health risks for people who develop Type 2 Diabetes?

The main health risks for people who develop type 2 Diabetes are strokes and heart attacks. Worst the fatty tissue you have, the more resistant your cells become to insulin. Being overweight is a primary risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

  • Summarise, conclude your findings on diabetes.

I've found out that diabetes is bad and that being healthy and fit will help me.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Heremaia The Heart Attack Grill

We think The Heart Attack Grill should not operate in Glenn Innes,Auckland NZ.

Why because obesity will highly increase in NZ. The Heart Attack Grill’s has many spokespeople have eaten here and have many health problems such as obesity and has even died. John basso warns people of the danger of his food, but still sells hundreds of burgers and unlimited fries.

If provide one shop to open others will open around the country. Twenty years Mcdonald's has been rapidly opening in New Zealand. The companies in U.S.A are different and we don’t know how they make their food our how it taste.

The food at The Heart Attack Grill is highly contained with fat and grease and could cause a lot of heart problems will be caused in NZ. The patties contained too much fat and grease the fries are fried in lard and the milkshakes are made out of butter. The Heart Attack Grill sells about a quadruple burger.

But if The Heart Attack Grill’s does open up in Glenn Innes a lot of people will be able to get a job as a waitress And cook. But jobs come with a cost. We need to stop restaurant from another country coming to NZ to stop unhealthy habits and the obesity level rising.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Born in east Los angles march 15 1975 William A.k.A was a young boy and grown up to be a superstar. That power is one of those songs about life.He was singing about being poor and living in a mess and living up to his dreams and now he is a rich celebrated. Reaching his goals and getting higher and higher to succeed. Attire means he wears all this fashionable cloths. In that song he say's he will be number 1 that was his dream he says to his mum

I am angle is a foundation created by hallensteins brother donated 100,000,00 thousand dollar to the manakalani cluster. Why because he looked up on the internet blogs and saw manakalani podcast sites and other things.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Heremaia Betrayal and lies

Once upon a time there was a boy named J.T who snitched on his friends for stealing. Every day J.T’s friends would stare at him for a long time. But one day the police asked J.T and his friends if they knew who stole something from pak n save a couple of days ago J.T and his friends said no.

Because of that the police did not know if they were lying. His friends heard that J.T was talking about them so they told the police that he had stolen from pak n save.The police went to J.T’s house and told him that he had to come to the police station J.T wonder and whimpered “what happened sir “The cop replied ”you're arrested for lying to the police”he was frightened and curious about his friends.

Until finally they got to the station and searched him and uncuffed 2 hours he waited until a random person he never meet paid 100$ to get him out so he can get out of the station. Ever since that happened he didn't learn a lesson and stalked someone and went back to jail and got sentence to death. The moral of the story is you shouldn’t snitch on your scary friends if you do run! and hide!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Heremaia finding nemo

Down in the deep blue sea Marlin laid his head flat on a rock. Dory swam towards Marlin and advised “Hey Mr Grumpy Gills when life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Marlin angrily discuses ”I don’t know what you gotta do” with a curious look on his face.

Dory sang “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming what do we do? We swim swim” She sang while going deeper and deeper.
Marlin roared” Dory. no singing” Dory ignored him and kept singing “I love to swim. When you want to swim” They swam deeper and deeper into the dark. Marlin with a angry face stretched with fear  ” See i’m gonna get stuck now with that song now it’s stuck in my head”. Dory moaned “ Sorry”.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heremaia Easter

Good friday represents the day Jesus Christ died. It marks the beginning of the 3 days it took for Jesus to conquer death, hell, and the grave. Eggs are much older than Easter, and both eggs and rabbits are age-old fertility symbols.

Easter eggs are hollow because how hollow the rock was when jesus rose from the dead. I’ve researched that in the old days easter eggs were hard boiled eggs and painted all over. Kids all around the world in the 1800 use to roll the hard boiled egg down a hill. To symbol the rock that covered the cave that jesus christ was in rolled down the hill

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Heremaia surfing dog

Skillfully bob the dog was carving up all the big waves. He was training for the dog surfing world cup. Bob was a muscular dog with powerful legs. two days later bob and I went to go catch a wave once we got there I geared bob up. I strapped bob up to the board and off he went. He went to surf the big wave when his foot slipped off the board he dug his feet into the surfboard and balanced his weight.

The tournament was up today bob was the last contestant while we watched all the other dogs they looked so good. We were up next I was talking to my dog not knowing that he doesn't understand me. He was ready our name’s were called on the speaker.

Bob hopped on the board too see the biggest wave ever. I was scared of what would happen to him he got to the top off the wave he was doing front flips and somersaults I was impressed. then came the gran he went into the wave and jumped out I was clapping I was so happy all the training paid of. Our score was 100/100 We won we are the 2013 champions.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Heremaia The day my car stoped

I packed up for a day out when mysteriously fog came down. I was so scared as I started to drive, when someone got in my way. My car stopped suddenly I got out to see if he was okay but he was gone. Jumping back into the car I curiously thought about where he had gone. I was driving away when I saw the scary shadow. Again, my car stopped suddenly. The shadow got closer and closer. Trying to start my car up, the door unexpectedly opened and in came the big dark shadow I screamed for my life.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Heremaia red rope

The Puller
Walking along, suddenly he spotted something red and a long rope. He went up to it, thinking” What is this? What does it do? How did it get there? I was curious until I pull it, it was interesting because it turn dark. I try it again because I wasn’t convince. Then it was daylight. Now I knew what happened.
I was having fun just pulling the rope. but something went wrong, It didn’t work I try it again still didn’t work. I think I broke the sun. I heard someone coming so quickly ran off. While I was running I was thinking “O.M.G what have I done”

Non puller

Wondering what this red rope is and how It got there, I was curious to not pull it but at school I got told not to pull it. So I walked away suddenly it got dark I was wondering what happen. but I just kept on walking. It was suddenly daylight.

Something was going on I was really annoyed. I got home and turned on all my lights and went out again looking for that person who was doing that. Once I got to the mountain I saw a big pile of rope right in front of my eyes. Then I realised someone pulled the rope.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heremaia first week

The first thing I said when my name got called out for this class was ”OMG”. This is a story about my first week as a year 8. I am in room 15 this is my second time in Miss King class. When we got to class I was so tired I couldn't even hear the first words Miss King said.

As we started to get into school work I got exhausted or first story was lollipop moments And the next day we made a M.T.V. The next day was waitangi day I did nothing then. It was thursday We did a lot of work. On friday Well we played a 30 min game of capture the flag the group was in the team that won and in the afternoon we played games on the ipads and ipods I was with Ashin we worked together the best thing last week was playing on the ipads so I regretted what I said.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lollipop Moments

I’ve done good things for people but their is someone I know and today we were watching a videotape about him he was talking about a Lollipop moment and that is what i am going to tell you about today. A Lollipop moment is that when someone has done something good for you and change people’s lives. Once upon a time I helped someone That was my Nan every week I Mow my Nan’s lawn every week without asking so thats one of my lollipop moments.

Have you ever heard the saying “It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us”. That means your talent has power. so don’t be afraid to use it.

Monday, February 4, 2013

My achivements

What we want to Achieve from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

these are me and my friends golas for friends are Jesiah and studmyer we are talking about our achivements hope you enjoy.