Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heremaia first week

The first thing I said when my name got called out for this class was ”OMG”. This is a story about my first week as a year 8. I am in room 15 this is my second time in Miss King class. When we got to class I was so tired I couldn't even hear the first words Miss King said.

As we started to get into school work I got exhausted or first story was lollipop moments And the next day we made a M.T.V. The next day was waitangi day I did nothing then. It was thursday We did a lot of work. On friday Well we played a 30 min game of capture the flag the group was in the team that won and in the afternoon we played games on the ipads and ipods I was with Ashin we worked together the best thing last week was playing on the ipads so I regretted what I said.

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Puawai said...

Hi Heremaia,

You have a very cool paragrapher about the first day of school. It sound like you had a very fun day.
Keep up the good work.

From Puawai