Friday, August 26, 2011

The history of New Zealand

The name for New Zealand in Maori is Aotearoa which translates into the land of the long white cloud. The maori came to New Zealand in their waka and they brought with them Kumara, fruit, spears and other weapons. After the maori had settled in New Zealand the Europeans came in their ships and brought with them pigs, meats and other sorts of Animals. After the Europeans came the maori wanted war with the Europeans. They made church the European way and the maori had to join the Christian way. The maori started to trade food for weapon's. There was another story between the maori. Way before the Europeans came James Cook and his Men came. After James Cook came the maori just killed him. sadly they died but other people came and made a treaty that means no war and no trade. So the maori signed the treaty and some even signed with their moko.

In the Holidays

In the Holiday I moved out to 3 Ballona road we moved out on Monday.We packed up all our stuff and then we called these two men who had a truck and took all the stuf to our new house.Then my friend Kiti came and help us my family my friend and other friends came to help for the whole day.Then at night my dad did a BBQ we were so hungry after the whole day working at night we went to sleep early for another full day work againg.

Our visit to Motat

On Thursday 30 June we went to Motat to learn more of our topic Bigger,Better,Stronger,Faster.What we did there was looked back to the past and see how there life was and how they started The new creations now.first we did was ate our morning tea after our morning tea we went to the tactile dome and listened to our helper the man tricked us he said’ There mite be a two meter if I was you I will rather roll and dive you mite brake a leg our so’.The first person to go inside the tactile dome was me My three panthers were Alex,William and Michael. The person who when first was Alex because He wasn't scared of the dark I went second then Michael went third and billy went last. e were so seared when we first climbed in to the tactile dome.Micheal was flowing me by pulling down my pantes.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

TV one news at Pt england On Tuesday in the afternoon TV one news came to Pt England school. They came to talk about our Net-books and that other schools don't have any because they don't pay their fees. The TV one people came to room 16 and they reported in room 16. Last night at six o'clock I was so exited to see my class and friend's I wasn't on the news because I had to go home before they came in to our class to film.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The first day we went to Harold

On Monday 8th August 2011 we went to the life Education trailer to talk about how to make a champion. when we went to the trailer a woman named Lynn came out and told us to take our shoes off and put them under the trailer and line up biggest to smallest. Biggest sit in the back and smallest sit at the front so they could see the screen. When we went into the trailer we asked Lynn to bring out Harold and she said"if you want Harold to come out you have to say hello Harold! So we all agreed to say hello to Harold so she told Harold that room 16 was here then Lynn started to count down and then Harold would pop out of the certain but when Harold pop out we did not say hello Harold we just kept quiet we couldn't even hear the wind blow. But after we didn't say hello to Harold he was just about to cry but then Lynn encourage us to say it so we said hello Harold and then he started to cheer up.