Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pablo Picasso & Henri Matisse

Matisse and Pablo Picasso have different technique of painting.Matisse made his own way of painting is fauvism Picasso painting ways are cubism.Henri matisse has drawn a lot of paintings just like picasso.

Although both Picasso”Weeping woman” & Matisse “woman with a Hat”are portraits are of a women.They have different themes.The theme for a “Whipping Woman” is after a war of guernica & Matisse “Woman with a hat“ is based on his wife not sad not happy just normal.

Both Weeping woman and Woman with a hat are both outlined with vivid.“Weeping women”Mainly has red/oranges and yellow with blue and green it has bright colors.”Woman with a hat”Matisse is shading by using different colors and experimenting his new style of painting.

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Mihi

This is my mihi. Hope you enjoy.

Danielle Halme is a NZ artist whose artwork “Abundance” is inspired the pacific Island.She incorporates flowers, fruit, the sea and island in this painting. Her style is smooth and slmplistic.The use of vibrant colours conveys a mood of happiness.
Vincent-Van Gogh has a very famous artwork called the Starry Night. It was created in 1889. The artwork has two layers for the sky which is light blue and dark blue. The sky also looks like an ocean with  waves that look like they are moving. His technique was to use bold brush strokes. Dark outlines are also incorporated throughout the painting.