Monday, November 26, 2012

Heremaia Poem

Where I am from I smell freshly baked brownie
Where I am from I see kids playing about
Where I am from I smell mum baking yum yum
Where I am from I taste the steak and cheese in my mouth
Where I am from I see taggings on the wall

Friday, November 23, 2012

Heremaia bush writing

One morning Jacob went for a jog with his friends Alex,Tom and Jerry after a furious rainstorm in the forest.They were jogging to the forest where the rainstorm was.They finally got to the forest and in front of their eyes was the biggest mud puddle. Jacob,Alex,Tom and Jerry were terrified so they ran around. What they did not know was that was the only way to get out, and it was where the big puddle was.

It was getting darker and they were still stuck in the forest. Jerry was shaking with horror as the night fell. They were all shaking, they all thought their was no way out and their end was near. As the sun rose they set off. They went under bushes, over branches and had nothing to eat.

Still no site of the exit, still stuck, still hungry. As days went by they started to lose hope into finding their way out. But on the other side of the forest were unexpected sounds. They all heard it, they all ran, they all thought it was the exit but then it stopped, just dead stop. It was like they were all drawn away from it to get out.


Heremaia Naritive

On a burning hot day my brother and I we went to go dive off the Groyne. The only thing that was different was the wind when I went diving off the Groyne. I knocked my head on a rock and started to drown.My brother did not know what happen because he left. Then as my body floated up I began to breath.

I heard the wind in the distance and a noise. I realized that noise, it was my brother. I shouted from a far away, "Toko”.He did not reply. I was so scared, I thought that the end of my life was near. I took one more try, one more clonk of air and shouted from the top of my lungs, "TOKO”. He replied “where are you?" I took my last bit of air and out of the corner of my eye was a shadow, a tall black shadow coming towards me.