Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heremaia Easter

Good friday represents the day Jesus Christ died. It marks the beginning of the 3 days it took for Jesus to conquer death, hell, and the grave. Eggs are much older than Easter, and both eggs and rabbits are age-old fertility symbols.

Easter eggs are hollow because how hollow the rock was when jesus rose from the dead. I’ve researched that in the old days easter eggs were hard boiled eggs and painted all over. Kids all around the world in the 1800 use to roll the hard boiled egg down a hill. To symbol the rock that covered the cave that jesus christ was in rolled down the hill

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Heremaia surfing dog

Skillfully bob the dog was carving up all the big waves. He was training for the dog surfing world cup. Bob was a muscular dog with powerful legs. two days later bob and I went to go catch a wave once we got there I geared bob up. I strapped bob up to the board and off he went. He went to surf the big wave when his foot slipped off the board he dug his feet into the surfboard and balanced his weight.

The tournament was up today bob was the last contestant while we watched all the other dogs they looked so good. We were up next I was talking to my dog not knowing that he doesn't understand me. He was ready our name’s were called on the speaker.

Bob hopped on the board too see the biggest wave ever. I was scared of what would happen to him he got to the top off the wave he was doing front flips and somersaults I was impressed. then came the gran he went into the wave and jumped out I was clapping I was so happy all the training paid of. Our score was 100/100 We won we are the 2013 champions.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Heremaia The day my car stoped

I packed up for a day out when mysteriously fog came down. I was so scared as I started to drive, when someone got in my way. My car stopped suddenly I got out to see if he was okay but he was gone. Jumping back into the car I curiously thought about where he had gone. I was driving away when I saw the scary shadow. Again, my car stopped suddenly. The shadow got closer and closer. Trying to start my car up, the door unexpectedly opened and in came the big dark shadow I screamed for my life.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Heremaia red rope

The Puller
Walking along, suddenly he spotted something red and a long rope. He went up to it, thinking” What is this? What does it do? How did it get there? I was curious until I pull it, it was interesting because it turn dark. I try it again because I wasn’t convince. Then it was daylight. Now I knew what happened.
I was having fun just pulling the rope. but something went wrong, It didn’t work I try it again still didn’t work. I think I broke the sun. I heard someone coming so quickly ran off. While I was running I was thinking “O.M.G what have I done”

Non puller

Wondering what this red rope is and how It got there, I was curious to not pull it but at school I got told not to pull it. So I walked away suddenly it got dark I was wondering what happen. but I just kept on walking. It was suddenly daylight.

Something was going on I was really annoyed. I got home and turned on all my lights and went out again looking for that person who was doing that. Once I got to the mountain I saw a big pile of rope right in front of my eyes. Then I realised someone pulled the rope.