Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ferdinand Magellen

Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal in 1480. Magellan disagreed with the Portugese government so he decided to not sail for Portugal but to sail for Spain instead. He asked the king of Spain for some money and a boat so that he could trade with India. the King of Spain agreed but stipulated that Magellan would need to find a new trade route as the Portugese controlled the way around Africa.
So Magellan hopped in his boat, The Victoria with his crew and set sail on the Atlantic Ocean. They sailed south west along the eastern coast of South America and then through the Magellan Strait at the bottom of the continent. As they emerged out of the rough strait and into calmer waters, Magellan named it The Pacific Ocean or "Peaceful Waters."
Magellan proved that if you go west you will eventually end up in India. Sadly Magellan was killed during a tribal battle in the Phillipines, but luckily his crew and his boat continued the voyage and were the first to circumnavigate the globe.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last Saturday, my whole family went to see my baby sister, Atawhai in hospital for her birthday - because we all love her. When we got to the hospital, my dad parked the car and brought all the smaller children out. Just as we got to the room, Atawhai was so happy because she knew it was her first birthday. When my nana and papa arrived we had the birthday cake - it was a pavlova. When it became dark we started to go home but the exit was locked and we had to go through the fire exit to get out!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was the first one to see the Americas and return back to Spain. But they thought that there were only 2 continents but they had just discovered America, that’s why the Europeans called the Americas the new world. Many years Later the Europeans discovered the pacific ocean.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Story of Drizzle Town

I have enjoyed making the volcano erupt with vinegar and baking soda. We could have done better with our background and by making some more animals. We have done reallly well with our voice over and designing our country's houes. I would change our town's name to Volcanic Field because our volcano always erupts.

Michael Jackson Movie

Today, we made this movie because it is the 1yr anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. We think he's really cool and wanted to show off our best MJ moves. By working cooperatively in a small group, planning and practicing, we were able to film and edit this movie in just a couple of hours.
What do you think of our dancing?
by Heremaia, Kingston P, Max

Rainy Day

On Tuesday during the thundery rain storm, we were so happy splashing in the puddles. Outside our class room a huge puddle grew. It was so big that it blocked the toilet and there was no where to play. Once the rain stopped the big lake, or swimming pool, got smaller until it turned in to a puddle.

Volcano Movie

We have been learning about our earth being active this term. So I have made a movie to show the whole school to learn more about active earth.

Iron Brion

Iron Brion taught us heaps of stuff yesterday about food at 12 o'clock.
First thing on the list was meat. Did you know that red meat, beef or lamb, has more Iron than white meat like chicken or fish? Next we learnt about vegetables and fruit. Fruit at school is good for you because it helps your brain work.

Cool Volcano Story

Room 14 have been learning about what makes an awesome paragraph.
Here's Heremaia tells us about an erupting volcano.

Sing a Song about Volcanoes

We are so amazingly awesome that instead of writing stories about our learning we write songs and make movies. It's so much more fun and you know what? We remember more of it too!

Favourite Thing at Camp

Climbing to the top of the wall I struggled to climb it and I nearly sliped of but I hung on to a leaf on the beanstalk I tried to beat the record made by Nikoia of 1 minute. But I failed as I slipped off the beanstalk.

Camp Thoughts

Picnic Karaoke Fun

Heremaia, Turuhira and Onosai really enjoyed breaking out of character and getting up in front of the whole school and loads of parents to perform some karaoke at our recent school picnic. Way to go Heremaia, Turuhira and Onosai. You guys ROCKED!

Capture the Flag - March

In this movie, Heremaia, Maru and Silas read their really great sentences all about our favourite game - Capture the Flag. The photos were taken by children in Room 15

Waka Adventure

Heremaia's Hyperstudio animation shows us that he learnt the Maori had a dangerous and scary journey to New Zealand.

Sunday, August 1, 2010