Monday, February 21, 2011

Broly the Superhero

When I was sleeping my head felt sore, so I went to go have a drink but I burnt my cup with my laser-beam gaze. I threw what was left of my cup away. I was really scared.I said to myself, “This is a dream, I know it is!” I slapped myself. I was confused now that I knew I had superpowers. My Enemies are Freddy and Jason. All I hear on the news is that Freddy has kidnapped people again and I will probably come to the rescue and save the people in need. If I don’t the bad news will end up on TV with Robin Jason reporting live from the City Hall. One day I ran out the door and found Freddy had tied the lady on the pin of the Sky Tower. We had the longest fight ever. I beat his kicks and punches and with a final laser beam and I won and sent Freddy to jail. Broly the Superhero saves the day! The end.