Monday, March 19, 2012

My trip to Swimarama

The first time I went down the slide I was zooming down, gaining speed. I was I was going so fast I was scraping my skin on all the bumps down the slide. As I was going down the water was going up my nose. At the end I "Whoosh," I screamed as I zoomed out of the slide. First turn finished.
Back up on the stairs I went for another turn. It was dark and scary when I went down the second time. I was trying to go around in circles but I knew I wouldn't. I came down and all the water ran up my nose again.
The last time I went down I tried to bomb in the the slide but I knew I would knock my head on the top of the slide so I didn't. I slid down the normal way.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Heremaia being cyber smart

Watch this movie and you will know how to be cyber smart.

Dcotor Ben Carcon Gifted hands

Ben was born in Detroit,Michigan. Sonya, his mother, dropped out of school in the 3rd grade and was married when she was only thirteen. Unfortunately when Ben was only 8, his parents got divorced.This made life difficult because Sonya was left to raise the boys by herself. She worked 2-3 jobs at a time to provide for them.

When Mrs Carson saw Benjamin's grades falling she was determined to turn their lives around. She limited to turn off the.TV. She had a talk and told them they had to finish their homework before they go outside and every day read two book from the library and write a report about the story they read. Even with her poor eye see she could barley Read what they have written.

One day Benjamin’s Teacher brang in some rock samples and the teacher said who knows the name of this rock and know one put there hand up so Benjamin put his hand up and said"The name of the rock was obsidein"And the teacher said" you are correct". So Benjamin Was going form the bottom of the class to the top. His grades where going over the roof.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Staying home

On Monday I was ready and packed ready for camp but then I discovered that I wasn't allowed to go I felt so bad I was waiting as long as last year so I stayed home the whole time.While I was at home my mum was sick.While she was in bed I was cleaning up the house. I told her that I would make lunch but she said, "No it's alright." She was getting better the whole time.

After she went to sleep I was looking after all the kids. Finally after that I was relaxing down on the couch and watching the T.V.I was going to sleep but then I was watching this cool movie it was called the Haunting of the something. It was a cool video.Before long it was three o'clock, and then the school kids came home.

Friday, March 2, 2012


On Friday 24 February our school went on a picnic to the Pt England reserve. We had a talk about where to play and not to play then Mr Burt went out the door and into to the Breeze followed by the Year7 and 8 all the way to the juniors. Our walk only took just five minutes. When we got there we all sat down and Mr Burt gave us some more rules. Finally we went to go find our picnic spot.

I thought our classes were going to be in different places but all the Intermediate classes sat in the same place so that meant I was wrong. After we found our area I didn't know which exact one was room 20's so I just put my bag on any of the tarpaulins.After that I wondered , "Should I go for a nice walk along the sand and talk to Tevita?"

While we were walking along the beach we saw most of our friends like Lorenzo ,Max, Silas and Kane. They were playing with a rugby ball. Tevita and I were going to ask them if we could play rugby on the beach. But then I saw every one grabbing something so I asked Tevita “What are they all getting?"He said “They are getting a fruit”.As i heard I sprinted over there as fast as i could to get one and I saw they where Peach’s so i took one bite of that delicious peach after that one I took another and after that one I took another and then another one I couldn't stop taking The peach’s but then they where all gone.

Making clay is a hard job you have to roll it in water until it turns it in to the shape you want it to look like and then chuck it in sand.