Friday, March 2, 2012


On Friday 24 February our school went on a picnic to the Pt England reserve. We had a talk about where to play and not to play then Mr Burt went out the door and into to the Breeze followed by the Year7 and 8 all the way to the juniors. Our walk only took just five minutes. When we got there we all sat down and Mr Burt gave us some more rules. Finally we went to go find our picnic spot.

I thought our classes were going to be in different places but all the Intermediate classes sat in the same place so that meant I was wrong. After we found our area I didn't know which exact one was room 20's so I just put my bag on any of the tarpaulins.After that I wondered , "Should I go for a nice walk along the sand and talk to Tevita?"

While we were walking along the beach we saw most of our friends like Lorenzo ,Max, Silas and Kane. They were playing with a rugby ball. Tevita and I were going to ask them if we could play rugby on the beach. But then I saw every one grabbing something so I asked Tevita “What are they all getting?"He said “They are getting a fruit”.As i heard I sprinted over there as fast as i could to get one and I saw they where Peach’s so i took one bite of that delicious peach after that one I took another and after that one I took another and then another one I couldn't stop taking The peach’s but then they where all gone.

Making clay is a hard job you have to roll it in water until it turns it in to the shape you want it to look like and then chuck it in sand.

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