Thursday, March 15, 2012

Staying home

On Monday I was ready and packed ready for camp but then I discovered that I wasn't allowed to go I felt so bad I was waiting as long as last year so I stayed home the whole time.While I was at home my mum was sick.While she was in bed I was cleaning up the house. I told her that I would make lunch but she said, "No it's alright." She was getting better the whole time.

After she went to sleep I was looking after all the kids. Finally after that I was relaxing down on the couch and watching the T.V.I was going to sleep but then I was watching this cool movie it was called the Haunting of the something. It was a cool video.Before long it was three o'clock, and then the school kids came home.

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Whaea Sophie said...

Hi Heremaia, you forgot to tell everyone that you were sick first and made the three babies sick, Toma, Dad and Mum all in 3DAYS. Thanks for your help though but you still owe me 100 thousand hours!!!