Monday, March 19, 2012

My trip to Swimarama

The first time I went down the slide I was zooming down, gaining speed. I was I was going so fast I was scraping my skin on all the bumps down the slide. As I was going down the water was going up my nose. At the end I "Whoosh," I screamed as I zoomed out of the slide. First turn finished.
Back up on the stairs I went for another turn. It was dark and scary when I went down the second time. I was trying to go around in circles but I knew I wouldn't. I came down and all the water ran up my nose again.
The last time I went down I tried to bomb in the the slide but I knew I would knock my head on the top of the slide so I didn't. I slid down the normal way.

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mum said...

I Really LOVE your blog Heremaia. Its colourful and interesting and very honest. Kia kaha