Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pablo Picasso & Henri Matisse

Matisse and Pablo Picasso have different technique of painting.Matisse made his own way of painting is fauvism Picasso painting ways are cubism.Henri matisse has drawn a lot of paintings just like picasso.

Although both Picasso”Weeping woman” & Matisse “woman with a Hat”are portraits are of a women.They have different themes.The theme for a “Whipping Woman” is after a war of guernica & Matisse “Woman with a hat“ is based on his wife not sad not happy just normal.

Both Weeping woman and Woman with a hat are both outlined with vivid.“Weeping women”Mainly has red/oranges and yellow with blue and green it has bright colors.”Woman with a hat”Matisse is shading by using different colors and experimenting his new style of painting.

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