Friday, May 17, 2013

Heremaia The Heart Attack Grill

We think The Heart Attack Grill should not operate in Glenn Innes,Auckland NZ.

Why because obesity will highly increase in NZ. The Heart Attack Grill’s has many spokespeople have eaten here and have many health problems such as obesity and has even died. John basso warns people of the danger of his food, but still sells hundreds of burgers and unlimited fries.

If provide one shop to open others will open around the country. Twenty years Mcdonald's has been rapidly opening in New Zealand. The companies in U.S.A are different and we don’t know how they make their food our how it taste.

The food at The Heart Attack Grill is highly contained with fat and grease and could cause a lot of heart problems will be caused in NZ. The patties contained too much fat and grease the fries are fried in lard and the milkshakes are made out of butter. The Heart Attack Grill sells about a quadruple burger.

But if The Heart Attack Grill’s does open up in Glenn Innes a lot of people will be able to get a job as a waitress And cook. But jobs come with a cost. We need to stop restaurant from another country coming to NZ to stop unhealthy habits and the obesity level rising.


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