Monday, July 8, 2013

Heremaia Prospective student

Struggling up a vertical mountain the boy slipped and left dangling with one arm. Gripping on the ledge he pulled himself up and continued climbing up the rocky mountain feeling exhausted. The boy was determined to reach his destination.

Arriving at the dojo gates he was nervous hoping to be accepted for the MMA. Anxiously knocking on the door the boy heard a squeak as the door open. As the sansei approached the door the boy bowed with fear.

The good looking sansei came out and pointed to the side and shut the door. Sitting down Matt meditated for all night and day. Feeling hopeful the boy did not know that the sensei came back in the morning. Again the sensei pointed to the side of the dojo and shut the door. The boy felt angry and kick the door down and demanded a fight. Then the sensei pointed to the side and then the student saw the sign and felt embraced.

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