Friday, July 5, 2013

Heremaia & Brent Jack & the zombie giants

Jack And The Zombie Giants
Story by Heremaia & Brent

Once upon a time there lived a strapping young man named Jack who excelled in many things but one.  He couldn’t control his fears.  From spiders to bumps in the night, he was a scaredy cat.  He lived with his mother and father on a little farm with horses and other farm animals. The farm was located beside a calm flowing stream.

One wet day his father Sam sent him to go to the market and sell a horse from the farm.  Jack couldn't bear this as the horse was an old friend . He felt  miserable as he walked to the market.

While at the market the guards rounded up all the people including the strapping young farmer. A man hidden under rags made a good deal. He gave his special seeds to Jack and  he told him “They can be useful in some time”. Walking back home he was thinking about the beans .

Jack got home and his the father said, “Well what did we get ? “ Jack  whispered with fear, “these beans, my father” he put his hands out “This is not worth it” he yelled. His father was furious with him.

He threw the beans out the window. The day after it started to rain and the beans started growing into  a beanstalk. The beanstalk grew bigger and bigger until it  reached the sky.The next day  Jack went out and saw a massive beanstalk. He thought to himself, “How did this happen?”

The young man wanted to discover what was at the end of this gigantic beanstalk . He gathered up some men. All these men were all guards of the king. Jack asked his father, “Will you forgive me?” father said “I forgive you son.” Jack  walked up to all the guards, brave men who had left the city two days ago and said,  “Gather up all the weapons and follow me up the beanstalk ”

Tying themselves with a long rope the men began to climb up the mystery beanstalk. The old fragile vines crunched and broke. “HE. HE. HE.” they all chanted together as they climbed. Suddenly one man slipped hanging on with all his strength with only one arm. That one slip caused a chain reaction, one after another, these brave men started falling.  “Cut the line!” the farmer shouted.

“Noooo!” crying with fear the men shouted,  “Don’t  do it. ” and SNAP! the rope broke. All the king’s worthy men fell. After a treacherous  200ft fall for those dead men lay scattered over the ground. Jack, the only man left,   continued until he finally reached the top of this rotten beanstalk.

Relieved to reach the top he was determined to discover what stays in this paradise. Jack walked around and his eyes popped open.  He saw something scary, a humongous house,covered in cobwebs . While walking to this mysterious  house he heard moans and bushes crackling.

He was scared but was keen to discover what it was, The moaning stopped he went over to this mystery “Ahhhhhhhhhhh” he yelled with fear. The flesh of this 20,0000 kg monster dripped out of a dead zombie giant’s mouth. “What shall I do?” thought Jack.

Meanwhile on the bottom of the beanstalk the villagers were furious the enormous beanstalk was blocking the sunlight. They started to cut it down. “It was over. My son is lost.” Sam thought sadly.

The moaning was back. Jack looked up. Right in front of him was another 100ft giant. “This is a nightmare,” he thought as he ran away with fear. With luck Jack just got away. He just realised that this was the zombies apocalypse. Running back to the beanstalk, with fear, Jack saw, right in front of his eyes, the enormous beanstalk falling.

“I am gonna have to make a big run to make out alive,” Jack thought. He was surrounded by a lot of giants, he ran in every directions, the giant’s were chasing him.  He is curious about what was going to happen. Without realising he found himself stuck in the corner.

“I'm not going to make” he said. He turned around. “This is it,” he said. “ It is over for me.” Surrounded by zombie giants he tried to run but there was nowhere to go

But he was not going down without a fight. He ripped of his clothes and got ready to fight. Next minute he was grabbed and bitten.  He turned into a zombie giant, and he never ever went home again.

Created Brent & Heremaia

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