Wednesday, April 13, 2011


On Wednesday at cricket my Dad and I walked down to a cricket ground with the rest of our Cricket team. When The team reached the grounds our team had a little snack before our first game. I was feeling pretty nervous because this was the first year our school had played cricket. The first group we played against was Glen Brae. For a team who had only been playing cricket for weeks, we did well. We all worked as a team and won our first game! We played two more games. In the last game we were playing off against a team from our own school! The game was very exiting but we lost by heaps of runs. Then it came to the prize giving. Our group Number 1 came 4th place and our other team came 3rd. It was a great day.


puawai said...

To Heremaia,
You have a good story.
From puawai

Lindsey Rogers said...

Hi Heremaia,

Your Cricket game sounds like fun. I hope that I can try cricket sometime with my friends.

Miss Rogers