Friday, April 8, 2011

How the boy pulled down my pants!

One day Last year when I was Nine years old I was playing with my friends we were playing relays for like 1 hour And then the bell rang.After the bell rang I walked to class and then I Stopped on the field For a chat and then Jesiah aka the pants puller ran and pulled down my pants and everyone a round me started to laugh.And I pulled up my pants and started to cry.After it was finish He told me if I was alright and I said ‘I am okay Can I pull your pants down to now and guess what he said he said I could but at lunch time but behind the I said I will pull down his pantes.But there were no people I wanted to pull down his in front of our friendes the I pulled His pants down like he pulled down my.

And that Is the end of my most ebarrassing Moment.


Toko said...

Hi Heremaia

I really like your embarrassing moment because you would of been so sad because I know I would be.

Toko said...
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