Friday, October 15, 2010

Heremaia honey bee story

Honey bees flit their wings as they zigzag and dodge through the leaves,to collcet preouious nectar. As the honey bee flits its wings it goes so fast that its colours blur into one.zigzaging and doging the bee in the sky in the sky looking for a flower with preouious nectar.The bee sucks the nectar ,up its toung is filled and returns to the hive to turn the nectar into honey.

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Miss K said...

Great use of topic vocabulary Heremaia. Remember your checklist for an effective paragraph.
Topic sentence√
Topic words√
Variety of sentence beginnings√
Punctuation - oops!
Make sure that you double check all parts of a paragraph.
I hope to see another post from you before the end of the year Heremaia.