Friday, September 17, 2010

My Pirate Sea Shanty

I wrote this sea shanty to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day!
I drew the pictures in Hyperstudio.


Miss Signal said...

What a fantastic sea shanty Heremaia! Looks like you guys had a wicked Pirate day too. Thanks for sharing your work! Argghhh!!

Ann-Marie New's EDM310 Class Blog said...

Yargh, Heremaia. I am posted for my EDM310 class with Dr. Strange at the University of South Alabama. I rather liked your sea shanty. Oh, to be a pirate on the high seas. I think your work with Hyperstudio looks great also.

Hailey Rascoe said...

Hi! My name is Hailey Rascoe! I am from the U.S.A.!! Mobile, Alabama to be a little more accurate. I am in college at the University of South Alabama. I love your video! It is very creative!