Monday, February 20, 2012

Being cyber smart

One day Brook took a picture of herself at home. Then she posted her photo online so everyone could see it. The next day she turned on her computer and had a look at her Facebook page. Suddenly Brook saw all her friends with her picture. As she tried to remove that picture from her page she said to herself “Omg I thought my photo was private”. Brook went back on her page and saw her photo still on the page. So she froze and felt ashamed!!! Of her photo that was online she tried 100!!! times just to take it off. But she failed. Then every one saw it even strangers.
Think before you post NZ.

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Kobe said...

Hi, Heremaia

That was a really good post about cyber smart and how she posted that photo of her self but when you put you writing in bold it's hard to see keep it up!!